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The Mount: A Legacy Restored. from The Berkshire Edge on Vimeo.


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2013-16              SculptureNow @ The Mount, Lenox, MA
2012-2013          SculptureNow in Hinsdale, MA
2012                    SculptureNow in Lenox, MA
2011-2012          SculptureNow in Becket, MA
2011                    SculptureNow in Great Barrington, MA
2010                   SculptureNow in Lee, MA
2009                   SculptureNow in Stockbridge, MA
2008                   SculptureNow in Welles Gallery, Lenox, MA
2008                   SculptureNow in Lenox, MA
2007                   SculptureNow on Main Street, Stockbridge, MA
2005-2006          SculptureNow in the Public Arena, Gt. Barrington, MA
2004                   Sculpture in and By the River, Norman Rockwell Museum,Stock., MA
1998-2003         SculptureNow in the Berkshire Botanical Garden, Stockbridge, MA
2000                   Southern Berkshire Community Center, Gt. Barrington, MA



Our mission is to expand the experience and knowledge of art in general and sculpture in particular in the Berkshires, through exhibitions, presentations and free workshops in public schools. We offer free guided tours to the general public, students, and vision-impaired visitors and our exhibitions provide opportunities for sculptors to develop their careers. We participate in the cultural economy of our community.

SculptureNow is a fund of Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 public charity.


SculptureNow was founded in 1998 by a group of people involved in the arts in the Berkshires, who became aware of a need to promote the experience and knowledge of sculpture through exhibitions and educational outreach, and to offer artists venues for showing their work in our community. Each year, for 17 years, SculptureNow has presented works by 16-32 national and international sculptors sited at the Berkshire Botanical Garden, the Norman Rockwell Museum, the towns of Stockbridge, Lee, Great Barrington, Housatonic, Becket, Hinsdale and The Mount, Lenox, MA, edithwharton.org






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